Lean Six Sigma Certification
Lean Six Sigma combines the strategies of Lean and Six Sigma. The principles of Lean Six Sigma help to improve the efficiency and quality of the process.

In this management approach, the lean methodology is used first to remove the waste in a process. After this is complete, the Six Sigma tools are used to improve process variations. The combination of these two methods helps to develop streamlined processes with high quality.

The certification exam is nothing like traditional certification exams. Instead, it is a computer-based test of your ability to use modern methods to improve business operations.

The exam is open book, and any computer software may be used.
In addition to the exam, project work and for the Master Black Certification, teaching and mentoring are required as shown in the table below.

 Certification Level  Project Requirement  Teaching & Mentoring Requirement

 Yellow Belt

Apply   Details 
 None  None

 Green Belt

Apply   Details 
 1 Project  None

 Black Belt

Apply   Details 
 2 Project  None

 Master Black Belt

Apply   Details 
 3 Project *Two years of teaching and mentoring including 8 mentored projects
* 160 Education/Training hours including Mentoring and/or Coaching Activities

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